Flexible, scalable modern businesses do not just happen. It takes effort and care to structure a business, its people, processes and systems in such a way that effort and resources are always placed where they will be most effective.

Enterprise architecture is about understanding what it is that makes a business work so this can be preserved, maintained and developed; also identifying what is not working and what is irrelevant, and so should be discarded.

Many people see Architecture as an academic subject, but this has come about because documentation has taken priority over delivery. Architecture does not belong in an ivory tower, it is a tool to give the managers visibility and control. My experience and knowledge means even a modest businesses can have access to this most powerful tool for management and control.

Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, Systems Architecture, Data Architecture. Any and all of these could be working to improve your business today.


Latest (Mar 2010)

  • Addition of a .NET Content Mangement system for a Motor Acessories Retailers website.
  • Build a Content Mangement system for a Perfumery, to allow editing of prices etc on their existing ASP site.
  • Build an ASP Competition Microsite to support a 12,000,000 pack promotion.

White Papers/Reviews

Recent Wins

  • Adwords campaign management for a number of micro-businesses
  • Support/maintainance for natural fibre e-retailer
  • Microsite in 7 lanaguages and supporting HTML email
  • Charity donations website - payment provider switchover