Website Development

AJAX Mashups

Immediate Data are now pleased to be offering a new style of website the 'AJAX Mashup'.

If you are looking for a cool, dynamic (and inexpensive) site for your business/venture, we can rapidly supply sites with integrated blogging, twittering, calendaring, shopping basket etc built on existing free internet services - like blogger, twitter, google documents, paypal etc.

By using these established services for 'content management' there is less for us to write, and less for you to learn.


Microsoft technologies are our bread and butter - we work with ASP, ASP.NET and SQLServer.

We build new websites from scratch. We take on existing websites. We build content management systems. We support, maintain and develop websites.

We have been building ecommerce websites for over 10 years. While other website developers have come and gone leaving clients stranded with websites that they cannot maintain.

One of our specialities is picking up old ASP websites and bringing them up to date. Making them better looking and easier to update. We have the experience to tackle even the most complex ASP website and ASP.NET websites.

Integrating websites with back office systems such as stock management , accounting and client relationship management is another area where we provide specialist consultancy. Seamlessly integrating your website with the rest of your business.

With a strong emphasis on Microsoft technologies for desktop development, and experience of both Microsoft and Open Source for internet development Immediate Data customers can be sure that they will be getting the best system for the job.

Classic ASP

ASP is a well established and proven Microsoft technology to provide interactive and database functions to websites.

Through Immediate Data I can provide all the expertise you may require to ensure that your ASP site is maintained and developed using established best practice.

eCommerce, database functions, email management, desktop/line of business integration - all available now.



ASP.NET (ASP dot NET) is Microsoft's new take on internet and intranet development

Designed to work with web services (SOA), to make system management and development as simple as possible; also to enable direct integration between web applications and desktop applications.

Through Immediate Data I can offer expertise in hand coded bespoke solutions, or framework based code generation. So meeting requirements, whatever your priorities .

Desktop Software

Microsoft's .NET (dot NET) architecture provides a unified web and desktop model for systems development

There are many things to take into account when designing systems, and the flexibility of the dot net model is second to none.

This allows decisions to be made based on sound business requirements, rather than limitations of the technology in use

Latest (Mar 2010)

  • Addition of a .NET Content Mangement system for a Motor Acessories Retailers website.
  • Build a Content Mangement system for a Perfumery, to allow editing of prices etc on their existing ASP site.
  • Build an ASP Competition Microsite to support a 12,000,000 pack promotion.

White Papers/Reviews

Recent Wins

  • Adwords campaign management for a number of micro-businesses
  • Support/maintainance for natural fibre e-retailer
  • Microsite in 7 lanaguages and supporting HTML email
  • Charity donations website - payment provider switchover